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All wallpapers published on this website are copyrighted by their respective authors but having submitted those images to Christian Wallpaper Gallery, have accepted our
Terms And Conditions 

Use Of Christian Wallpaper Gallery Images

Christian Wallpaper Gallery wallpaper is only permitted for use on personal devices and sharing via Social Media. Some of our images may be coded with Meta Data to identify the copyright of the author of the image. This may be used to identify those who do not comply with this copyright policy.  If you include any of the site’s wallpapers in blogs, any form of Web Development or Web Design we require that you display the site’s backlink. Logo links are available HERE
Any commercial use of any image from Christian Wallpaper Gallery is strictly prohibited and site reserves the right to take any legal action required to recover damages.
For content usage rights please also read our Disclaimer.
If you object to a wallpaper published on our site, please Contact us with the wallpaper author and title and your cause for concern. This includes concerns around your own created wallpaper and you do not wish to share or may it be something you might find offensive, unethical, inappropriate etc. This site reserves the right to decide to host or not host any wallpaper that is submitted by users without prejudice or the need for further explanation. Christian Wallpaper Gallery will only advise if the wallpaper submitted has been accepted or denied, and only if the Confirmation of Publication option is selected on the Submit A Wallpaper form.
The site will add Christian Wallpaper Gallery watermark on the wallpaper to identify that christianwallpaper.gallery is hosting that wallpaper.
Christian Wallpaper Gallery abides by the Digital Millenial Copyright Act 1998 to the best of its ability. However, as this site is accessible to many countries outside the jurisdiction of the DMCA, percieved copyright infringements will be considered in the legal context of the country of origin of the complainant. Please ensure you advise us of this if making a complaint.


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